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    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 10 - The Godmother

    Weeds Episode 10 Viewed: 808 Times
    Aired On: 10 Nov 05

    Isabelle experiments, Andy gets drafted, Peter may not be who Nancy thinks he is, Silas gets high, and Nancy cuts out the middleman.

    Episode 10 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 9 - The Punishment Lighter

    Weeds Episode 9 Viewed: 1004 Times
    Aired On: 03 Nov 05

    Nancy gets busted and Heylia teaches her about a 4,000 lesson. Doug and Celia make kitchen talk. The kids have daddy problems during diversity week. Breadsticks and Scones, Nancy's bakery, opens and doesn't start off so well. And Celia retakes the PTA by

    Episode 9 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 8 - The Punishment Light

    Weeds Episode 8 Viewed: 945 Times
    Aired On: 26 Oct 05

    While secretly attending Peter's funeral, Nancy becomes very interested in Peter's ex-wife; Andy uses his foot injury as a way into the fetish porn world; Celia is still self-conscious after her reconstructive surgery; Shane and Isabel bond; the two Mrs.

    Episode 8 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 7 - Higher Education

    Weeds Episode 7 Viewed: 911 Times
    Aired On: 19 Oct 05

    Nancy hires an employee, and becomes known to a rival in the process. Shane makes a new friend, and Andy gets to know the new friend's mother. Celia's mother comes to visit after Celia's surgery.

    Episode 7 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 6 - Dead In The Nethers

    Weeds Episode 6 Viewed: 1009 Times
    Aired On: 12 Oct 05

    Nancy attempt to play around in an effort to relieve some stress. Nancy, Celia, and Conrad go out to a club where Celia and Conrad "snuggle up." Meanwhile Andy meets a woman who he lies to like he would anyone else and Lupita starts investigating so that

    Episode 6 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 5 - Lude Awakening

    Weeds Episode 5 Viewed: 940 Times
    Aired On: 05 Oct 05

    Nancy gets a reality check about what a life of crime can entail. Andy acts like a fool and gets arrested. Celia tries alternative methods to deal with her breast cancer. She also steps out of her box and bonds with children. Shane gets in trouble at scho

    Episode 5 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 4 - Fashion of the Christ

    Weeds Episode 4 Viewed: 1098 Times
    Aired On: 29 Sep 05

    Nancy gets a rude awakening when her brother-in-law Andy comes for a surprise visit. Doug has an idea for a location for the faux bakery, which Nancy may need more than ever with Andy in the way. While Andy wrecks havoc in the Botwin's lives, Nancy is int

    Episode 4 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 3 - Good Shit Lollipop

    Weeds Episode 3 Viewed: 700 Times
    Aired On: 22 Sep 05

    A mountain lion is on the prowl in Agrestic, but it's the medical marijuana facility that is causing the most havoc in Nancy's life. Faced with the dilemma of having to compete, Nancy has to get cooking. Silas makes a move on Megan causing him some colorf

    Episode 3 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 2 - Free Goat

    Weeds Episode 2 Viewed: 1055 Times
    Aired On: 15 Sep 05

    As Celia deals with the other woman in her marriage, Nancy contemplates creating an enterprise to solve the cash-only financial issues caused by her drug dealing. Silas has to come to terms with his girlfriend's sudden departure, while Shane tries to come

    Episode 2 Watch Weeds Episodes

    Watch Weeds Season 1 Episode 1 - You Can't Miss The Bear

    Weeds Episode 1 Viewed: 5235 Times
    Aired On: 07 Sep 05

    In the series debut, housewife Nancy Botwin struggles to deal with the sudden death of her husband, while her best friend and neighbor Celia Hodes learns a devastating secret when she tries to catch her daughter in the act with Nancy's son.

    Episode 1 Watch Weeds Episodes
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